Life of Pi – The lost 

This is the “lost” chapter between chapter 18 and 19.
I layed in bed with my eyes closed thinking about the baker. A man kind enough to share bread with a stranger, or the way his smile lit his face up after praying, how peaceful and calm he was. It put me in disbelief of what is said about Muslims. If they were about violence and their reputation was so bad, then how is it that just by watching a man pray I felt peace?. I was so stunned with the urge to learn more so I got on my bike and rushed over to him. I knocked on the door but the imam had answered it. I asked where the baker who was here earlier was and he replied with “may I ask who you are”.
“I’m Pi, I met him today and had some questions I wanted to ask ” I said. The imam put his head down immediately as if he was upset about something. I asked if he’d be home anytime soon and that’s when he told me what happened. “He was having sharp pains in his chest and collapsed to the ground. “He’s in the hospital” he said. Even though I had just met him, I couldn’t help but feel sad and discomforted. As I was about to leave the imam put his hand on my shoulder and said calmly ” pray for his health”. 

I walked towards my bike to leave and thought “Pray”. I don’t know how to pray like Muslims. While riding my bike back, regretting not asking when I had the chance,

I felt as if I lost an opportunity to learn something that could change my life, a chance to understand Muslim religion.

I started to hear my father yelling “It’s time to wake up! Let’s go Pi”. 

I open my eyes only to realize it was all a dream. I got up tired but filled with joy that it was all a dream and rushed over to the bakery “maybe this was all a sign from God” I thought.

When I got there he was really busy so I decided to wait because I didn’t want to take the chance of something happening.

The customers left so I got up and said hi to the baker. “I need to pray but I will serve you right after” he said with a smile on his face. I watched him again while he prayed. Yes it was like an exercise and I wondered how they don’t get tired, but it looked so beautiful. 

“What can I get for you” he said when he’s done.

“I’m not here for the bread, I want to know about your religion “. He smiled the biggest smile I had ever seen. “I close the bakery in two hours, would you like to come back after ?”. 

I smiled, nodded my head and got on my bike and left. It’s left like the two hours weren’t going by and I was so interested in knowing about Islam, I had questions that I needed answers to. 

What is so special about Islam that can make one so happy after praying is the question that I really wanted an answer to. I’ve learned and practiced Hinduism and Christianity and knew a little about Muslims but everything I knew seemed wrong once I met a man so kind. 

Yann Martel interview 

Lost chapter interview 

Why did you Exclude this chapter in the original? 
Yann Martel I exuded it because I didn’t want my readers to get the wrong idea about Pi and his personality.

Where is the lost chapter?

Yann Martel It is between chapter 18 and 19.

Why release it now? 

Yann Martel after getting such amazing feedback and becoming the winner of the man booker prize, I feel like I owe my readers more and this chapter is it. Also I wanted to carry this part on because I feel like it’s something people can connect to.

What can the readers expect in this chapter?

Yann Martel the should prepare themselves for more emotion and understanding of Pi’s character.

What does it add to the story ?  

Yann Martel It adds a lot but I think most of all my intentions for it was more emotion, understanding of religion, how he came across it and what triggered him to want to know more. 

Why is this chapter so important?

Yann Martel This chapter comes with a lesson, as do most of them and I think it’s important for my readers to understand that.

Do you think the excluded chapter will have better feedback than the original? 

Yann Martel My goal was to satisfy them with what they are reading, so yes I do. 

Life of Pi and my opinion on religion 

Pi isn’t just any ordinary person who believes in their religion, he believes and learns about multiple religions such as Hinduism, Christianity, and the Muslim religion. He believes in zoology and religion and defends not only the common spirits behind all three of these but also follows the rituals and ceremonies. Pi’s parents didn’t know he was practicing all these religions but he looked at it as “teenagers always hide a few things from their parents”. 
When Pi’s parents found out he followed all these religions his father out of defence for his son said “I suppose that’s what we’re all trying to do – to love God”. But I think he felt a sort of embarrassment. 

I think that there is nothing wrong with the fact that Pi is learning and committing to all these religions. His love for God is true and pure and that’s all that should matter. 

My parents are Muslims, I was raised a Muslim and brought up to not judge other religions but to follow my own. I personally wouldn’t practice other religions if they aren’t mine but I like learning about them. Christianity and the Muslim religion are actually a lot alike and that’s why I like hearing about other religions because I can make comparison. I feel like in the end if your intentions towards learning other religions and the beliefs of others are good then there is nothing wrong with it. Pi liked to learn different types and didn’t judge the ones he learned because his love for God was real and because I believe that he knew the basic right and wrongs in religion. To me religion is love, peace and happiness all in one. I say that because I grew up knowing I was a Muslim but never practiced it until one day when life got really complicated a friend told me to go pray and it will make me feel better so I decided to give it a try and when I did everything became so much more clearer to me. I started to feel a sense of peace with myself, I gained so much knowledge and realized why certain things happen when they do that’s why I feel like I am better off with religion but like I said everyone is different. 

Religion or lack of should not be forced, but rather inspired upon someone. If I had an opportunity to sit with a non-religious person i would express to them in a very open minded way my opinions on religion and why I feel that way without being forceful. Religion is a very hard topic to speak about because a lot of offence is taken sometimes and that’s why I think when talking about it you need to be as open minded as possible. Everyone has beliefs whether they are Hindu, Christian, Muslim, etc and everyone has a right to voice their opinions, but when voicing your opinions you need to be careful with the words you use and not be judgmental towards there’s. 

Life of Pi 

From the beginning of the novel to chapter 14 many different types of animals and animal behaviours were mentions. One of the animals were two and three toed sloths and how they survive because they don’t attract predators and their sleepiness. People think that because lions and cheetahs are in the wild they are “free” and “happy” but that’s not exactly true. Their fear is high while their food supply is low and their territory must constantly be defended. A Lions won’t tear you apart because it’s hungry but because you invade its territory. Howler monkeys stir in their branch if you’re twenty yards near its, African Buffaloes react when you’re seventy-five, giraffes will allow you to come thirty yards by motor and a fiddle crab scurry when you’re ten yards away. I find that very interesting how every animal has a different distance they will allow you come before reacting. In this novel it talks about how if an animal’s territory is invaded they will escape to the unknown and how these animals will not harm you unless they feel like they are in harm’s way. In two different parts of the novel it talks about how a roe-deer and a bear had both escaped from their cage in different zoos but they both ended up returning and back into their enclosure. I find that very surprising that animals actually know where they are suppose to be and though they escaped they still returned. I find the treatment of the animals very harsh. As humans we should know what’s right and what’s wrong and feel like even though some of us do, animal cruelty still exists. Just like humans, animals have souls but aren’t treated like that. It talks about how zoo animals have died because they were fed foreign bodies like bears, big cats, seals, monkeys, deer and so many more but what I find more disturbing than that is humans are the one doing these killings. Not only are they using foreign bodies but sticks, umbrellas, scissors, swords, hair pins and many more. I think the reason Pi spends so much time talking about animals and their behaviour is because not only does he have so much love for the animals but I think he’s trying to give explains as to what makes humans and animals so alike but different. Reading this section of the novel I’ve learned that every animal is different. Some prefer you keep your distance and others have a certain amount until they react but also an animal’s behaviour depends on whether it feels safe around you or intimated. Pi seems like he’s a loving and caring person that loves to learn and make comparisons when it comes to animals and humans. My option on animals in this world is they obviously shouldn’t be equal to humans but should not be tortured. People skin animals and use their fur to make clothing then put a price on it when there is other ways to make clothing and accessories. It makes me wonder if someone was to record animal cruelty and show it to people, would they stop ?. Of course compared to a human, animals are different but both have hearts and I think right now in the world animals aren’t looked at as something with a heart but something that can become a personal item.

Creative project introduction for The Kite Runner 

For my final creative novel project I will be making an interactive poster. The poster will contain many different parts of the story, images that relate to the novel and two of the plots I thought were the best. My purpose is to give my audience an idea of what the book is about and give them some knowledge about what happens, but also help them understand how some of the things that occur in this story are true. By doing so the first part of my poster will be an introduction to the novel, what it’s about, who the characters are, and the setting. In the next part, I will talk about the first plot I chose which was the death of Hassan and his wife. I will talk about how the Taliban murdered them and where that left his son which leads us to the next plot that occurs. Which is when Amir flys out to Afghanistan to rescue Hassan’s son Sohrab. Also what Amir went through to find him, who had him, what he made him do, what Sohrab had been through, and how it ended. Once I have finished talking about the plot I will start to explain why I liked this part of the book. I will make personal connections to this book which will hopefully help my audience understand more. This novel has many different plots and tragedies I think not only me but many other people can relate to. It’s also based on a true story and gets you thinking about what really happens in other country’s all around the world. It talks about war, murder, rape, women’s rights, country’s falling apart and homes being destroyed. Over all I think it was a great novel. 

Depression is a Mental illness

Depression is a very common type of mental illness. Many people think that depression isn’t a real mental disorder but they are wrong. Coming from someone who has struggled from depression in the past I can tell you that it’s real and it’s a struggle.

On January 28 #bellletstalk was trending on Twitter. This hashtag was to get help people be aware of mental illness and for every tweet, retweet and text message the company bell donated 5 cents to mental illness. Hundreds of people kept the trend going in a positive way but there was also many people doubting and downgrading it as a false advertisement.



Some people think that depression is all in your head, this it’s a made up illness for “attention” or “laziness” but research shows it’s not. It’s an illness that can strike at anytime in someone’s life. According to the world health organization more than 350 million people of all ages suffer from depression and more of them are women than men. Did you know that an estimate of 1 million people commit suicide every year ?. That’s a lot….

Depression can be triggered by a whole bunch of different events in someone’s life like being bullied, family problems, a passing of a loved one, loneliness, etc. Some of the effects it has on people are mood changes, sadness, less work ability, poor functioning at school and home, lack of eating but worst of all suicide.

Lucky doctors have come up with different ways to treat this disease whether it’s medicine, mental help or even physical help but also many people on the Internet share their story’s which I think could help others understand more. You’d be surprised as to how many people on YouTube have uploaded videos talking about their struggle, what triggered it, who believed them, how they felt and what it felt like.
The video below is a young girl talking about what she went through, what occurred and how she handled it. Her username is ohitsanna and she published it on December 9th 2014.

So next time you hear someone talking about how “depression is fake” help them understand it’s not, let them know people going through it are struggling to get through the days and they need all the support they can get.

Now that you’ve read this I’m hoping I’ve somewhat changed your view on depression and helped you in some kind of way and I’d love to hear about your opinion.
Have you or someone you know struggled from depression?