Yann Martel interview 

Lost chapter interview 

Why did you Exclude this chapter in the original? 
Yann Martel I exuded it because I didn’t want my readers to get the wrong idea about Pi and his personality.

Where is the lost chapter?

Yann Martel It is between chapter 18 and 19.

Why release it now? 

Yann Martel after getting such amazing feedback and becoming the winner of the man booker prize, I feel like I owe my readers more and this chapter is it. Also I wanted to carry this part on because I feel like it’s something people can connect to.

What can the readers expect in this chapter?

Yann Martel the should prepare themselves for more emotion and understanding of Pi’s character.

What does it add to the story ?  

Yann Martel It adds a lot but I think most of all my intentions for it was more emotion, understanding of religion, how he came across it and what triggered him to want to know more. 

Why is this chapter so important?

Yann Martel This chapter comes with a lesson, as do most of them and I think it’s important for my readers to understand that.

Do you think the excluded chapter will have better feedback than the original? 

Yann Martel My goal was to satisfy them with what they are reading, so yes I do. 

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