Life of Pi 

From the beginning of the novel to chapter 14 many different types of animals and animal behaviours were mentions. One of the animals were two and three toed sloths and how they survive because they don’t attract predators and their sleepiness. People think that because lions and cheetahs are in the wild they are “free” and “happy” but that’s not exactly true. Their fear is high while their food supply is low and their territory must constantly be defended. A Lions won’t tear you apart because it’s hungry but because you invade its territory. Howler monkeys stir in their branch if you’re twenty yards near its, African Buffaloes react when you’re seventy-five, giraffes will allow you to come thirty yards by motor and a fiddle crab scurry when you’re ten yards away. I find that very interesting how every animal has a different distance they will allow you come before reacting. In this novel it talks about how if an animal’s territory is invaded they will escape to the unknown and how these animals will not harm you unless they feel like they are in harm’s way. In two different parts of the novel it talks about how a roe-deer and a bear had both escaped from their cage in different zoos but they both ended up returning and back into their enclosure. I find that very surprising that animals actually know where they are suppose to be and though they escaped they still returned. I find the treatment of the animals very harsh. As humans we should know what’s right and what’s wrong and feel like even though some of us do, animal cruelty still exists. Just like humans, animals have souls but aren’t treated like that. It talks about how zoo animals have died because they were fed foreign bodies like bears, big cats, seals, monkeys, deer and so many more but what I find more disturbing than that is humans are the one doing these killings. Not only are they using foreign bodies but sticks, umbrellas, scissors, swords, hair pins and many more. I think the reason Pi spends so much time talking about animals and their behaviour is because not only does he have so much love for the animals but I think he’s trying to give explains as to what makes humans and animals so alike but different. Reading this section of the novel I’ve learned that every animal is different. Some prefer you keep your distance and others have a certain amount until they react but also an animal’s behaviour depends on whether it feels safe around you or intimated. Pi seems like he’s a loving and caring person that loves to learn and make comparisons when it comes to animals and humans. My option on animals in this world is they obviously shouldn’t be equal to humans but should not be tortured. People skin animals and use their fur to make clothing then put a price on it when there is other ways to make clothing and accessories. It makes me wonder if someone was to record animal cruelty and show it to people, would they stop ?. Of course compared to a human, animals are different but both have hearts and I think right now in the world animals aren’t looked at as something with a heart but something that can become a personal item.

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