Creative project introduction for The Kite Runner 

For my final creative novel project I will be making an interactive poster. The poster will contain many different parts of the story, images that relate to the novel and two of the plots I thought were the best. My purpose is to give my audience an idea of what the book is about and give them some knowledge about what happens, but also help them understand how some of the things that occur in this story are true. By doing so the first part of my poster will be an introduction to the novel, what it’s about, who the characters are, and the setting. In the next part, I will talk about the first plot I chose which was the death of Hassan and his wife. I will talk about how the Taliban murdered them and where that left his son which leads us to the next plot that occurs. Which is when Amir flys out to Afghanistan to rescue Hassan’s son Sohrab. Also what Amir went through to find him, who had him, what he made him do, what Sohrab had been through, and how it ended. Once I have finished talking about the plot I will start to explain why I liked this part of the book. I will make personal connections to this book which will hopefully help my audience understand more. This novel has many different plots and tragedies I think not only me but many other people can relate to. It’s also based on a true story and gets you thinking about what really happens in other country’s all around the world. It talks about war, murder, rape, women’s rights, country’s falling apart and homes being destroyed. Over all I think it was a great novel. 

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