My thoughts on the kite runner 

This book was by far one of the most emotional books I’ve read. It had so many different types of tragedy  that sadly I feel like I can relate too. I also lived in a middle eastern country for 5 years and some of the stuff that happened in this book for example the war between ethnic groups, city’s falling apart due to the war and family’s losing innocents to terrorist, all have happened. 

I think that as you read through each chapter you learn more and more about not only Amir but how he grows as a person after going through loss and tragedys. 

I recommend this book to everyone to be honest. Everything that you read about has happened or is still happening in different country’s around the world. Women being brutily beaten for no reason, children being raped, family’s and homes being destroyed, and innocent people having ther lives taken away. As wierd as it sounds it has made me thankful to have the safety I do here in Canada. 

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