Amir’s marriage and baba’s death

After a year of Amir trying to find the courage to talk to Soraya he finally did yet they only talked when General Taheri was away. One day Amir was telling Soraya a story when General Taheri arrived. He threw out the story and walk amir away.

Amir later started focusing on his father who was found to be diagnosed with lung cancer. Baba refused to get treatment even when Amir doesn’t know what to do. Amir’s father forbid him to tell anyone about his illness. Baba slowly starts to weaken as the months go by until one day he collapsed. Afghans came and drove him to the hospital.

Later on Amir asks his baba if he would go to General Taheri and ask for spray as hand for him. His father was happy and went the next day. General Taheri accepted. Baba goes to call Amir to tell him the good new then gives Soraya the phone. She’s happy but wants Amir to know about her past because she doesn’t want any secrets.

When Soraya was 18 she ran away with an afghan guy and lived with him for almost a month. Her father found her and a took her home. When Soraya ran away her mother Jamila  had a stroke. After Amir heard this he was bothered but still wanted to marry her.

Because baba was so sick they wanted to plan the wedding quickly. Baba rented out an afghan banquet hall and other things for the wedding. As Amir and Soraya are sitting on the sofa with a veil over them Amir tells Soraya he loves her for the first time. Shorty after Amir’s baba passed away. Many afghans showed up to the funeral to pay their respects.

Slowly Amir starts to learn different things about General Taheri and his family like how he didn’t want to work because he thought he was above that so he put his family on welfare or how Sorayas mother has a Beautiful voice but General doesn’t allow her to sing in public.

Soraya tells Amir more about what happened when she ran away. She’s tells him how her father came with a gun to get her and once they got home he made her cut off all her hair.

In the summer of 1988 Amir finished and published his first novel. Later on him and Soraya kept trying to get pregnant but couldn’t. They went to multiple doctors but they couldn’t find the reason. The considered adopting but General Taheri didn’t like that idea.

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