Amir receives a call from Rahim Khan

The story jumps to the year 2001 when Amir reviewed a call from Rahim khan. Rahim is ill and wants to see Amir in Pakistan. Amir tells Soraya and a week later he leaves to Pakistan. Once Amir lands in Peshawar the cab driver talks to him about what’s happening in Afghanistan and how horrible it is.

They reach a neighboring old called “afghan town” and Amir realizes the extent of what has happened to the people of Afghanistan and what has destroyed Kabul. He starts remembering the last time he saw Rahim khan which was 20 years ago when baba left Kabul. Baba and Rahim kept in touch but Amir had not spoken to him since Baba’s death.

When Amir arrived at Rahims house he saw how thin and sick he looked. They sat down and Amir told him about Soraya and how he is a novelist now. They then started talking about what happened to Afghanistan since the Taliban took over. Rahim tells Amir the story behind the scar on his eye. A man was cheering loudly at a soccer game next to Rahim when a guard patrol heard the noise so he walked over and smashed him with the rifle.

Rahim had been living in Baba’s house in Kabul since 1981, when baba and Amir left. He took care of it expecting baba to return.

Kabul became dangerous as the afghans caught for control of the city. Rahim says the alliance ruined the city more the sharawi did. By alliance he refers to different non-Pashtun ethnic groups.

Rahim starts to cough up blood and Amir asks how well his is. He doesn’t think he’ll make it to summer. He wanted to see Amir that’s why he asked him there but he also wanted something else. While living in Baba’s home he has Hassan with him and before telling Amir the favor he had to talk about Hassan. 

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