Amir’s and baba living in California

In this chapter the story jumps forward to baba and Amir living in California, where they have been for the past 2 years. Baba works at a gas station and is having lots of problems trying to adjust his new life style because it’s so “different”.

Amir had ask his baba if it would be a good idea to go back to Pakistan because of how things weren’t working out in the U.S.. His baba told him that they had moved here for his education so that Amir could finish high school and go on to college.
The day after Amir’s graduation he talks to his baba and tells him how he wants to study writing but his baba disapproves. Amir already had his mind made though.

I feel like as Amir is growing up he is realizing what he wants to do with his life and he’s not going to let this baba stop him.

The story goes to about a year later when baba bought a new van. On Sunday’s they would set up at the flea market to sell some stuff.

On morning baba was speaking to a man named general Taheri. Baba told general that his son Amir was going to be a great writer one day. General Taheri’s daughter Soraya and Amir made eye contact. Later on when baba and Amir were in the car Amir asked baba about her. He didn’t know too much, only that she was once In love with a man. Amir stayed up that night thinking about Soraya.

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