Amir sets up Hassan

Amir and Hassan started to spend less time together after the rape. Amir and baba took a trip to a cousin’s house and while they were there baba brought up the kite tournament and how much he enjoyed it. Amir stayed silent.
They all laid down in bed in the same room and slept but Amir couldn’t sleep. He said out loud he watched Hassan get raped but no one heard him. And said that was the night he became an insomniac.

I think Amir feels extremely guilty for what happened to Hassan especially because he didn’t do anything to stop him.

When they returned him Hassan made many attempts to hang out with Amir but Amir just didn’t want to so he started avoiding him.

Amir no longer wanted Hassan in his home so he asked his father for a new servant but his father refused to get one. Amir later takes his birthday money and a watch that baba got him and tried to set Hassan up by putting under his mattress. When baba found out Hassan “stole” from Amir he confronted Hassan. Hassan didn’t deny it and said he did take it and apologized. Baba forgave him which made Amir upset.

I think Amir was uncomfortable with Hassan living with him after everything that happened and that’s why he wanted him gone. He couldn’t deal with the fact that he was raped and a lot of guilt was bottled up from it and I think Amir felt like the only way to move on was if Hassan didn’t live there anymore.

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