Kite tournament and Hassan’s tragedy

The best part of the winter was the annual kite flying tournament. The boys would cover their strung in broken glass and when the string is cut, the kite flies and they chase it all across the city until it falls. The last kite to fall is a trophy for honor. Amir says that Hassan is the best in all of Kabul.
One day baba took Amir and Hassan to buy a kite from a blind old man because he made the best in the city.

In this part of the novel Amir talks about how when he was younger he witnessed Hassan being raped by Assef. He talks about how during the rape he debated on doing something but instead he ran. Fifteen minutes later he sees Hassan bleeding and crying. Hassan handed him the kite and didn’t say anything. When they got home baba hugged Amir while he cried.

This part of the novel was really emotional for me. I feel like at that moment Amir was too in to much shock to say or do anything and that’s why he ran. Also because the fact that one is hazara and the other is pushtun I think Amir thought that if he did speak up they would consider him a hazara and bully him even more.

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