Amir’s old memorize

In this part of the story Amir talks about one night when gunfire erupts on the streets and him, Ali and Hassan hid in the house until the next morning . Amir says that night was the end of the Afghanistan they knew.
He talks about the communist taking over in 1978 and then in 1979 when Russia invaded.
Amir was bullied by A boy named Assef and his 2 other friends for being friends with a hazara.
I find that really wrong in my opinion because at the end of the day whether you are a hazara or a pushtun you are a Muslim. And even now in this time and this century people are still being bullied for what they are.

Adult Amir is the one telling the story and you can tell by the way he explains things that he recognizes a lot of the things about his younger self like how he always wanted to be better at everything. He didn’t want Hassan to be better than him at anything and when he was he stopped whatever it was for example if Hassan was better at board games Amir wouldn’t play them anymore.

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