Sins of The Kite Runner

Amir talks a lot about his father and how he built an orphanage even after everyone said he had no business sense but it made him one of the most successful business men in the city.
One day the religious teacher Mullah Fatiullah Khan at Amir’s school talks about how it is a sin to drink alcohol. Later on Amir watches his baba pours himself a glass of whiskey. Amir told him baba what his teacher says and his father tells Amir that “men like him are idiots” and there only one sin which his theft.

In my opinion I disagree with Amir’s father because in the Quran which is the holy book that Muslims follow is says that drinking is a sin but also so is theft. My mom use you tell me that back in the day not a lot of people would follow the book and they would question it a lot.

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