Amir and Babas relationship

I feel like Amir looks up to his father a lot and tried to please him by being more like him but he never feels successful. He knew his father likes soccer so he tried it but it wasn’t for him and he was unsuccessful.
Amir found a passion which was poetry but he knew his father wouldn’t accept t because it was unmanly.
When Amir was a child he couldn’t stand up for himself which made his father think that if he can’t do it now then when he’s older he won’t be able too.

I think it’s really sad that Amir has to try to get attention from his father by doing things his father likes and not him himself.
I also think it’s very stereotypic for Amir’s father to think that poetry isn’t manly. Back home if you’re a man you’re usually doing hard working jobs like construction or something and I think that Amir’s father thinks like that because of others judgment.

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