The Kite Runner continues

Amir talks about a phone call he receives last summer from his friend Rahim Khan who lived in Pakistan. Later that day Amir was walking through San Francisco where he lives now and he noticed kites in the sky and that made him think about his past and his friend Hassan because he called him “a kite runner”.

He talks about how as a child him and Hassan would climb trees and use mirrors to reflect sunlight.

Later on in the book Amir talks about how Hassan’s father Ali was a servant to his “baba” which means father and how neither Hassan nor Amir have a mother. Amir’s mother died giving birth to him and Hassan’s mother ran away 5 days after having him.

Hassan is referred to as Hazara which is a ethnic group in Afghanistan but Amir and Baba are Pashtun.
In the past if you were Apart of the Hazara you were brutally suppressed by the Pashtuns. They would call them names like “mice-eating” or “flat nosed” because Hazara are Shia Muslims while Pashtuns are Sunni Muslims.

As a Sunni Muslim I feel like I can relate really well to this book so far because even in this century and generation Sunnis and Shias are still fighting and are still being called rude names.

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