Depression is a Mental illness

Depression is a very common type of mental illness. Many people think that depression isn’t a real mental disorder but they are wrong. Coming from someone who has struggled from depression in the past I can tell you that it’s real and it’s a struggle.

On January 28 #bellletstalk was trending on Twitter. This hashtag was to get help people be aware of mental illness and for every tweet, retweet and text message the company bell donated 5 cents to mental illness. Hundreds of people kept the trend going in a positive way but there was also many people doubting and downgrading it as a false advertisement.



Some people think that depression is all in your head, this it’s a made up illness for “attention” or “laziness” but research shows it’s not. It’s an illness that can strike at anytime in someone’s life. According to the world health organization more than 350 million people of all ages suffer from depression and more of them are women than men. Did you know that an estimate of 1 million people commit suicide every year ?. That’s a lot….

Depression can be triggered by a whole bunch of different events in someone’s life like being bullied, family problems, a passing of a loved one, loneliness, etc. Some of the effects it has on people are mood changes, sadness, less work ability, poor functioning at school and home, lack of eating but worst of all suicide.

Lucky doctors have come up with different ways to treat this disease whether it’s medicine, mental help or even physical help but also many people on the Internet share their story’s which I think could help others understand more. You’d be surprised as to how many people on YouTube have uploaded videos talking about their struggle, what triggered it, who believed them, how they felt and what it felt like.
The video below is a young girl talking about what she went through, what occurred and how she handled it. Her username is ohitsanna and she published it on December 9th 2014.

So next time you hear someone talking about how “depression is fake” help them understand it’s not, let them know people going through it are struggling to get through the days and they need all the support they can get.

Now that you’ve read this I’m hoping I’ve somewhat changed your view on depression and helped you in some kind of way and I’d love to hear about your opinion.
Have you or someone you know struggled from depression?

2 thoughts on “Depression is a Mental illness”

  1. Hello! First off I would like to say that this article is a very intresting topic choice that I am very involved in! I am on the HAT team and also on UFF which are both supporters of mental illness and de-stigmatizing depression and various others. Your article is very informed and is something that everyone should know about. I totally agree with your point of view on the topic. I have some questions for you: have you ever suffered from the stigma around depression? That being said, there is some room for imporvment that I picked up on (but there is always room for improvement so don’t take this to heart. ;)) I feel that you could add in some more pitures and also split up the paragraphs more. Another thing is that although your spelling is very good (I cant say the same for myself πŸ˜‰ lawl) I think you should check your grammar. Some of it is off. Another thing is you have to link your links…right now they just look like text. Also, souricung your information would prove that you got the info from reputable sources (although I think all the information seems correct.) Another thing is you could add in some videos of perfessionals speaking on the issue (I have seen LOADS of videos!) Over all, this is a great article! Amazing job and keep posting!

    1. I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read my blog and also thanks for the advice ! To answer your question yes I have suffered from depression. Thank you for all the good feed back and I’ll make sure to try fixing it up next time πŸ™‚

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